Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Last night the gals went out for our dear friend Whitneys birthday. Lots 'o birthdays around here!! We celebrated with dinner at Cheddars then went to the new hot spot- Cheesecake Factory for dessert...sooo good. I think we were all moaning as we left!! We were all good wives and took some home to the hubbys ;). Good, good times....I've gotta say, lauging around a table with your best girls is good medicine for the soul! Love you ladies!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ma's Birthday Party

Friday night, Betsy and I took mom out for some birthday fun. We went to Senor Tequila's for dinner, and I told them it was her birthday. I thought they would make her wear a funny hat and sing to her, maybe bring her some flaming ice cream or something.....well, funny hat and singing, BUT, instead of ice cream, they brought her a shot of tequila!!! So great!! She thought she could get away with just "posing" with it while I took a picture, but we made her shoot it...her cheeks got as red as I've ever seen 'em! So great! Then we went and saw the movie Knocked Up, I think we about wet ourselves laughing! After that, we went to the brand new Cheesecake Factory for some dessert...soooo good. We had a great time...Happy Birthday MA!!!!

Haven Weekend

This weekend we headed to KS for some fun in the pool!! Every time we've been to Joshuas parents this summer, it has rained or something has been wrong with the pool, so we've not been able to use it! We decided to give it one last try before summer was good and over this weekend....I was worried when we got up Saturday morning and it had been storming, but it was a hot and sunny weekend for us. The boys had a ball, and we even got Papa in the pool too!! Grammy had all kinds of squirt guns and balls to play with (which the boys called their "spy missions"). Lots of fun. Sunday we headed to Wichita for some lunch at Aunt Chrystals and back to school shopping, topped off with ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery...Yum! Thanks for all the fun!! ;D

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Mi Madre!!!

Today is Mom's 100th birthday!!! Well, according to Micah ;) We were in the car and I asked him how old he thought Granmommy was and he said "I think 100." (No coaching from me, I SWEAR!!!) Then he ammended it to 21! She liked that a lot better!! Anyway, he had heard me talking yesterday about going out to dinner with Ma for her birthday and said to me in the car yesterday afternoon "Am I not invited to Granmommys birthday?" So sweet! So we met her today for some cake and ice cream at McAlisters, with a card he had made all by himself. So fun! I was going to take a picture of them with the cake, but we pigged out too fast!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mommy School

Today Micah and I started "Mommy School"! Since we're still on the waiting list for his pre-school, he and I are doing some stuff here at home while we wait! He was so excited to start! Today we learned about the colors red and blue, how to write the letters A and B, and practiced writing his name. I found a cool website that I can print out worksheets that have his name with dotted letters so he can trace it. Then we did a Thomas color sheet. Whew! Pretty fun stuff! He was pretty pleased with himself. I had bought some fun stickers so that I could put them on his papers and he LOVED that....the cutest thing was that he kept whispering to himself "I can DO this!!!" And then he'd look up and me and say it to me too....

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Famous!!!!! Well, kinda sorta, not really! ;)

Well, as most of you know, I had my quote in the New York Times yesterday! For those of you who didnt, you do!!! I read Elizabeth Edwards book last fall and was very moved, sent her an email expressing my thoughts and they used part of that email as a quote on her ad in the Times promoting the new paperback edition of her book out this month! Pretty fun! Josh took some pics of me with the paper, and one he took of me with the ad, he totally took me off guard...turned out pretty funny...I thought it would be funny to use it! Especially since I've been joking with mom about my movie star smile and with Whitney about making her work out for me 'cause I'm too famous now, etc ;). Anyway, just thought you'd all like to see, and if you didnt, TOO FREAKIN BAD!!!! It's my blog and I'll post what I want to!! :D Whats that Brad Paisley song??? "Bein' a Celebrity" ??? Alright, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! :D Love to you all...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to School!!!

Today the boys went back to school!! I dropped Ethan off at school and throughly embarrassed him when I yelled out the window for him not to flirt with any girls ;). He had a great day. His sum of the day was that he loved switching classes and to quote "Now the food...the food was AWESOME!!!" Thats a 10 year old boy for ya! Clayton did great! Several of you have sent me e-mails toady expressing your prayers for him (and me) today, which I totally appreciate. He did WONDERFUL. I had to hold back my tears until he went into the classroom! He was so excited to go, and did a great job. When Micah and I got into the truck he said to me "Mama, it's just you and me and blankie to keep us company." So sweet! He and I went to get some "school supplies" for "Mommy school". When Clay got home, his sum of the day was that he had some friends from last year in his class, and that his favorite part of the day was going to eat lunch in the cafeteria! So, I suppose that lunch is pretty important!! A great day overall. :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Final Day!!!

Today was our final day before school starts..hard to believe! We went to the aquarium here in Jenks to see the fish and beavers get fed. The boys also had fun taking turns using the camera to take pictures while we waited for the divers to come out. They wanted to take pictures of me with their brothers, so that is why I look so frightened in those pics of me with each of them! :D But I have to say, they did a good job! We visited the shark tank, and also the sting ray touch tank after we watched the divers feed the fish in the coral reef tank. Lots of we're ready for school to start tomorrow...I think! ;) PS-If you look real close in the first pic of the divers in the tank...he is feeding an eel, and the eel has his snout in the jar of food!! Pretty cool!

Meet the Teacher

Last night we went to school to meet the boys' teachers!! What exciting stuff! Clay has a teacher whose name I can hardly pronounce, so I think she'll end up being Ms. C, but he liked her. He was relieved to finally see where he'll be spending his days, so hopefully we're on the right track. As we got into the truck, he informed me that he would not miss me, so I suppose that is good!! (But like a knife in my heart!!!) Then we headed over to see Ethans team of teachers in the new building. He was pretty excited about having 2 classrooms and switching classes and all that fun stuff. They also had "locker size" cubbies, so that was awesome too. The other big news of the evening was that he found out that they serve WAY cooler food in the cafeteria there than in the old school!! :D So now everyone is excited and ready to go back, except of course Micah who will be lonely...because, as he informed me, I'm a girl and it's not the same playing with Mommy as it is playing with his brothers!! But we'll all adjust, it'll just take a few weeks, I'm sure! Keep checking back for more blogs!! Love to you all...

Monday, August 13, 2007

End of Summer Fun!!!

With only 3 days left of "summer" we are cramming in all the fun we can find. Today we went for one of our last pool days, and brought along some friends to join in the fun. Ethans friends Chapman and Connor went with us, and my friend Whitney met us there with her two kiddos Easton and McKinley. We had tons of fun, but it was HOTTT!!!! I think the high here today was supposed to be 103, so it was nice to be in the water...Micah even fell asleep before bathtime on the floor of the playroom! Stay tuned for more in our "end of summer series"!! We'll be posting more pics of our activities the next few days, and then of the boys' first day of school Thursday. :D

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun With the Gals

Friday night we got to go out with some friends and have some fun!! A whole group of us went out and ate dinner and danced to some live music. It was tons of fun! :D

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Clayton the Fish

Today we went to our local pool for some "before school starts fun" and Clayton had a "first"....he went down the slide, AND jumped off the diving board WITHOUT HIS LIFEJACKET!!!! And, without mommy there to catch him!!! Thats right, he jumped and swam to the side all by himself!!! Such a big dude!!! It was great! He's turned into quite the little fish lately, and much thanks is due to Dad and Mama C's neighbor Mrs. Mandy who has worked with him lots while we've been up there this summer...(The picture is him with his floaties from earlier this summer...I was going to take one this afternoon when we got home and he got naked too fast!!) ;)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bens Fam Visits :D

This weekend Bens fam came to visit. We had a great time playing in the pool and then coming over to our house and cooking out on the grill. Even Grandmother Great got in on the fun! Betsy's friend Carina came over to play too, and found a new shadow (Micah)...and Aunt Alli and Granmommy got pictures with sweet Aiden smiling!! Yeah!! It only took 18 months, but we finally got one!!! It was great to see them all.. :D

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cute pic

The boys and I all ended up in camo pants today for church...I thought it was pretty cute! ;) And a good excuse to get them to pose for a picture with me...dosent happen much anymore, mostly I get rolling eyes :D