Sunday, September 24, 2006

Scouting Fall Festival

This past Saturday, we spent at Ethans Scouting Fall Festival. We just recently signed him up for scouts, and this day was a chance for him to go experience the things that they will do over the course of the year. We had such a great time! Clay didn't get to go with us, or I'm sure he would have been begging to sign up too :) Ethan got to shoot a BB gun, and he did great! Came really close to the bullseye a few times. He also got to try archery, which was a little harder, but he's excited about practicing. Micah got tired with all the walking around, so he took it easy for a bit. :) Then we finished out the afternoon with Ethan going down the zip line. He was nervous, but as soon as he finished, he wanted to go again. He had a great time, and I think he's going to love being a Cub Scout. He'll certainly be the cutest one! :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

I Am Freaking Out!!!!

Alright, so already in the last month, my baby has turned 3, potty trained, (no complaining about that, believe me!), given up his pacifier, Clay has started school and learned to ride a bike, and Ethan, God love him, has started 4th grade and decided that he is interested in girls! What the heck? Didn't we think boys were so gross until at least 6th grade? So in that logic, (since boys trail so far behind girls :) ), shouldn't boys think girls are icky until at least 8th grade? I really cant handle this....tonight Ethan and his buddy Chapman were talking about the girls they had crushes on....just pray for my sanity....really, all joking aside, it is hard to believe how old my kids are, how very fast they are growing up. I suppose that is what all that advice about enjoying your kids when they are young is about, they really do grow so fast. Good thing some of my friends are having babies or I'd be having a serious case of baby fever right now!!!! :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Micah Blue Turns 3!!!!

My baby Micah Blue turned three today. Hard to believe! We had a really fun day. After Josh got home from work, we took him to Build a Bear, and he picked out a frog to make. He had a tough time deciding, but was excited about the frog. He got to help stuff him, then gave him a "bath" then get him dressed. After all that, he had to think of a name....Micah, being the creative soul he is, named his new green friend....Froggy. :) After we got Froggy home, he made sure Froggy and Pretty Pretty Bear were properly introduced! So sweet. We had chocolate cake, that he helped me decorate with Cars stuff, presents and plenty of vanilla ice cream. Load of fun. He's excited to be and dad? Not so much! He'll always be the baby, poor dude......

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Robertson

My cousin Chad, and his beautiful bride, Nicki got married Saturday. The wedding was very beautiful and so touching. It is so obvious that these two are in love! :) The third picture is of Connie and my Aunt Red (aka Aunt Sharon), the fourth picture is of my dad doing one of his signature moves, "The Big Dig", and the fifth pic is "The Big Dig-In Reverse"! Don't you know he was the hit of the party! Add to that the classic "Scrape the Barrel" and he was fighting the young pretty things off with a stick! If only Mr. Tummy would have made an apperance....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Micah's New Bike

Alright, so we caved. Micah was so distressed at being left behind on his dinky big wheels, that we got him a shorty bike with training wheels. The idea is that he'll be able to keep up a little better....we'll see. He's getting pretty good at pedaling and steering, but sometimes gets stuck and frustrated. But he loves to practice! And he loves being just like his big bubbas! Ahhhh....all is quiet at the Miles house....for about 10 minutes! :)