Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, finally I have basketball pictures!! The 2 little dudes started playing 3 weeks ago, but we've had a hard time getting pics!! :D Anyhoo, they are on seperate teams, but fall into the same "age" bracket, so they will play each other. But thank God only once!! :D They are both having so much fun...and it's cool to see how much they improve week to week. And yes, I am coaching Micahs team!! Its definately an of the other coaches described it as herding cats, which I've got to say, is pretty accurate!!! :D Come see them play sometime! WE've got games every Saturday thru Feb. We'd love to have you!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Coloring Contest Winner!!

So, a few weeks before Christmas, we recieved coloring contest sheets from our bank. Clay and Micah put some hard work in to 'em and sent them in! I got a call yesterday that Micah had won his age group!! Pretty cool!! He won $100!! He's pretty stoked...of course, cautious that he is, he's still deciding what to buy. Clay has all sorts of ideas!! :D Right now, I think he's going to buy a game that all 3 of them can share for the Wii...isnt that sweet?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas #4!

Whew!!! Here we are at Christmas #4! We went to Liberty to Landon and Jers house to celebrate with Ma and all the kiddos. Everyone pitched in with meals, and the kids got some good time to play together. Thank goodness it was nice outside!! We even headed to the park to play a family game of tag. Now its back to real life! The boys are already talking about not wanting to go back to school.... ;D

Christmas #3!

So, after our Christmas at home, we headed to KC for Christmas' 3 and 4. This time it was with my side of the fam, starting with Dad and Mama C. We played games, (Taboo was a big ol hit!) ate like mad and just had a good time. Of course, when we're all together at Dads, we do family pictures. Its a good opportunity to get each of the families and then go back and compare year to year how everything has changed! Especially with young kiddos....they grow so fast!

Christmas #2!!!

Here we are Christmas Day! We got to be home this year, so the boys helped me make cookies for Santa. It was so much fun, I think they just liked being close so they could snatch cookie dough while I wasnt looking! We went to church that night, and then got up Christmas morning to stockings and gifts! Such fun. Granmommy stayed the night and got to spend the day with us. We played the boys' games, cooked lunch, and just hung out. Toward the end of the day, Ethan started with some tummy trouble....that was not fun. :D But over all, it was a fantastic day.