Monday, July 30, 2007

Anniversary Trip

Last weekend Josh and I went to Branson to celebrate our 7th anniversary!! We had a great time! Friday we spent at White Water riding all the slides like little kids...and playing in the wave pool (until a poop evacuation forced us out). Then we headed to Branson Landing for a late dinner, where we got to eat on the terrace and watch the fire and water show, and hear a fantastic local group called Big Smith play. Great fun!!! Saturday we got up and did some (alright, a lot) of shopping, then had some fun on the go-karts, cleaned up for another great dinner, and after that, played some mini golf in the rain. It was so much fun, but even the little 4 year old behind me was kicking my a$$!!! We decided that I have golf rage.. :D. Sunday morning we went to Stone Hill Winery for a tour and wine tasting...after 14 wines I was a little tipsy!! Josh and the guys next to us had fun just being dudes (they just wanted a Bud Light-or better yet, one of Joshuas home brews!!!) When that was finally finished, we drove to Springfield to meet Aunt Shell and Bonnie for a quick lunch, and then went to tour Fantastic Caverns!! I've been wanting to for EVER and so we finally was soooo neat...I think we may take the dudes back this fall. After the tour, we drove the 3 hours home to see the dudes before they went to bed...Granmommy had taken great care of them!!! They had had a ball with Granmommy and Aunt B all weekend and were so full of stories that we could hardly get them to bed!! We all had a great weekend...:D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whitsitt Family Fun Day 2007!!!!

As you can see, Whitsitt Family Fun Day was filled with too much Fun, Frolicking, and Frivolity (my dads theme phrase for the weekend) to fit into one slide show, so I had to do 3!! WFFD actually ended up being more like 2+ days for most of us, so thats why there are so many fun pics....Friday found us in the pool most of the afternoon, then a massive water fight that night, Saturday was fun and games in the backyard with more swimming in the afternoon, and then lots and lots of yummy food, followed by family pics, and then SLUSH and deck time!!! And then on Sunday, those who remained went to the water park for some family fun. It was good times....lots of sun...and lots of tired boys. ;) Thanks for a great weekend Nana and Papa T!!! Love you!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

McGirlies Weekend

This weekend, my girlfriends and I went to Branson for a getaway! It was wonderful. Our husbands kept the kiddos and we got to shop and play and just spend time with each other, laughing and drinking and doing whatever we wanted. Spending time with my best girlfriends was just what the doctor ordered!!! They are wonderful gals, and I am blessed to have them. ;) Thanks for a wonderful weekend ladies!! Hope we can make it a yearly tradition!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had a fantastic day!!! We went to see the movie Ratatouille, which I think I spelled totally wrong :D. It was really cute and the boys loved it. Then we headed to moms to swim the boys' arms off. They had a ball in the pool jumping and splashing, and the little boys got to practice their swimming with out floaties. Very fun! After that we headed home for burgers and hot dogs, and some fireworks fun. We sat with our neighbors and shot off fireworks, trying to hide from the cops when we spotted them! It was a lot of some cute pics of the boys....excepet Ethan who is sooooo getting to that age where he rolls his eyes at me (yes, I have a child who rolls his eyes, almost as well as I did!!!)anytime I want to take his picture. Or give him a kiss, or hold his hand, or breathe, or do anyting for that matter!! it! Anyway, hope you all had a great day too! A big thank you to the troops past and present who work hard to provide us with the freedom that we celebrate. :D

Monday, July 02, 2007

A little pre 4th of July fun!!

This weekend the boys and I headed to Haven to see Joshuas family. His cousin Kristen, her husband Pat and their kiddos were going to be in town. They live in Omaha, and we dont get a chance to hook up with them very often, so we jumped at the chance to spend some time hanging out with them. As an added bonus, Aunt Michelle, Bonnie, Aunt Jan and Uncle Jack were there too! (Michelle and Bonnie had a record setting 9 hour trip from Springfield due to all the flooding, but the finally made it!!!) The kids had a ball taking trips to the fireworks stand, then coming back and setting them off in the back alley of Grandma Mema's house. It was cool and rainy most of the weekend, so it was good they had something to occupy their time!!! :D We had lots and lots of fun playing and eating....(fried chicken and mashed know I was in HEAVEN!!!)...lauging like crazy people. Lets just say that the word peanuts sounds a lot like another word... ;) The boys were so worn out, and promptly fell asleep on the way home Sunday evening. Now they are counting the sleeps until the real 4th of July, 'cause Papa and Aunt Chrystal, along with some help from Aunt Michelle and Aunt Jan sent us home with lots of fireworks! What a great weekend!