Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend we got to go to Kansas City to Great Wolf Lodge with our dear friends the Barths! They have 2 kiddos our kids' ages, so they had a ball together! And the adults got to have fun together! :D Josh and Aaron would get on a raft and stick a kid in front and the would FLY!!! We got to play for 2 days! The kiddos were exhausted by the time we left, but we still had to drag em outta there!

A Little Catch Up!

Oh boy, its been awhile!! So here is a little catch up of everything we have been up to the last month or so! Of course, Mothers Day. :D And then, Falon graduated!! So very cool... we were all so proud of her. It was the middle of May, so we thought it would be warm, but the day before a storm came though along with a cold front. It was FREEZING and windy! But we made it through and had a ball celebrating. And following that was the boys' last day of school. Next year Ethan moves on to middle school, Clay will be in 2nd grade, and Micah will go to full day kindergarten. Whoa....And finally, Ethan turned 12! Holy cow!! :D We are in full pre teen mode. Here comes the rollercoaster!