Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Funny Story! :)

I just had to share this funny tidbit with you Clay, Micah and I were playing around and they randomly, out of the blue, asked me when we were going to have another baby! I asked them what they were talking about and Clay said "We want another baby to come out of your tummy"!!!!!! I called Josh in 'cause I was just kinda dumbfounded, and he (the coward) just laughed and went back to cooking! I did ask them what kind of a baby they wanted, Micah said a girl baby, and Clay said a boy baby...then Micah decided a boy baby would be cool.....I explained to them that daddy and I had decided we had enough babies, but that Aunt B would have babies someday, and Uncle Ben and Aunt Bird would have more babies some day, and Aunt Chrystal would have babies someday and that some of our friends would have babies so we would have plenty of little monkeys to play with. That seemed to satisfy them.....for now! :) So, aunts and uncles, if they start asking when your having a baby, I'm sorry, but I had to get them off my back!!!! :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Landons Dudes

Landon has a photography blog that I want you all to check out! He recently posted some pictures of his dudes, Julian, Simon and Ian that are just beautiful. Go see how cute those dudes are!
You can always find his site by clicking on the link to the right...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Painting and Grammys Birthday! :)

This weekend, Grammy and Papa Miles came to visit us in Tulsa. We spent Saturday painting Clayton and Micahs room. Clay wanted a blue wall, and Micah wanted a brown wall....thankfully we talked Micah into blue as well. :) Josh painted their names on the wall before we painted, and they thought it was pretty cute...they also got a kick out of hiding under all the stuff we had moved around in their room while they were "helping" us paint. :) Saturday night after church we went to Montereys to celebrate Jeannes birthday (a little late), and the boys got balloons made for them. Micahs is a snake, Clayton got Thomas the Train, and Ethan got an OU (yes, Aunt Chrystal, OU not KState) helmet and a football. Pretty cute stuff. After that Grammy and Papa took the boys to pick out a toy and they had a tough time! Way too much to chose from! We had a good time and were so glad they could come visit. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pinewood Derby

Yesterday was Ethan's Pinewood Derby with his Cub Scout pack. He and Josh have worked really hard the last few weeks getting his car cut out, sanded, painted and weighted. The cars cannot exceed 5 oz., and Ethan and Josh got his car to right at weight. Pretty cool! Ethan made a new car, and Josh did some tweaking on the car Ethan had used 2 years ago for the Pinewood Derby at Carbondale, and entered it in the "open" category. Each car raced 3 heats. In the first heat, both Joshua and Ethan's cars took first. The second heat, was the same. It was so fun to watch Clay and Micah scream along with Ethan for his car to win. :) The third heat, Josh and Ethans cars ended up in the same heat, and Josh took 2nd, Ethan 3rd.

The picture on the left above of the cars in the start block is Ethan's car. His is in lane #2, the red one with the stripe. The picture on the right of the start block is Joshuas car (Ethan's the red and black Dale old one) Jr. one in lane #3. The race finish picture is of the heat Josh and Ethan ran together. Then there is a picture of Ethan after he won the first heat.

Then there are the pictures of the awards!! Ethan took 2nd in his Den (age group), and 7th overall! Good job Ethan! His average time was 2.7564 (pretty freakin good). There were 50-60 cars in the entire derby. Joshua took 1st in the open division, and 2nd overall. His average time was 2.7072. Best of all, they had a great time and had so much fun working on the cars together.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Cold Fun!!!!

Well, today we went outside to get a little fresh air! The boys' school was canceled again today, and will be canceled tomorrow. We needed a little break from the house! Ethan was off playing with his buddies Chapman and Connor...but Clay and Micah, along with our neighbor Dillon had fun slipping and sliding on the ice. No real thaw today, and watch out Oklahoma!!! We're supposed to get another storm this weekend....hopefully this time it will be snow. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cook/Miles/Whitsitt Family Christmas!!!

We had our 4th and final Christmas this past weekend with my mom and all the siblings. They all made the trek to Tulsa to celebrate, so it was a lot of fun having everyone here. We got up on Saturday morning and cooked a big breakfast, then got the turkeys in the oven and opened presents!!!! The siblings did a "regift" exchange that was pretty freakin funny. We all got some beautiful things. :) Mom got all of us girls a beautiful glass vase from Jamestown, and all the dudes giftcards which she wrapped in DVD cases! Pretty clever. All the kiddos got pretty cool toys that they were excited to play with too. After presents we had a big turkey dinner..soooo yummy! Then we played our family poker game and Josh won the bracelet back from Landon!!!!!!!! :) WHOOOO HOOOO! Then he kept it later that night when we played again. Good job, babe! We had a lot of fun, and my kids loved showing everyone else around their house, and their rooms. So, Christmas is officially over for the Miles Family!!! I suppose my excuse for not taking down my Christmas stuff is gone........

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hope you all had a wonderful celebration. The Miles Family wishes everyone a wonderful, prosperous, blessed New Year.
Love you! :)