Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving In Branson!!!

Well, here are pictures of our adventure to Branson, MO for Thanksgiving. I think the final tally was 48 of us! Imagine! We had so much fun, 4 shows in a day and a half, we were on the go. Thanksgiving Day we went to see Andy Williams. That show was pretty good, but the dudes weren't too impressed, Clayton asked us, "When is this guy going to turn off?" :) The next morning, we went to see Roy Rogers Jr. aka Dusty. That was a fun show, the boys got a kick out of it, and then we got to tour the museum. For dinner we went to Dixie Stampede, which we all really enjoyed. We were on the North Pole team, and we cheered our team to victory! After that, we went to Spirit of Christmas with the Osmond Brothers. Micah was pretty impressed with the "dancing girls" :). The pictures are of Mom and Dad Miles, all of Grandma Irmas children, her with all the grandchildren, and her with the great grands. Of course, not everyone was able to come, so not everyone is pictured. Then there are some of the crazy Aunts in the hallway after Andy, Josh the boys and I at Roy Rogers, and me and the boys out front with the statue of Trigger. Fun, fun times. We are so blessed that Grandma Irma provided us with this opportunity, what a great way to spend a holiday! :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Feast!

On Tuesday, Josh, Micah and I went to Clayton's classroom to take part in the Thanksgiving Feast! It was really cute, they sang a funny turkey song and put on the indian stuff they had made. Pretty cute stuff. Clay's teacher even made sure Micah was included! Boy was he thrilled to be a "big kid" :). They tried turkey, pumpkin pie and lots of other yummy traditional Thanksgiving foods. Now we're warmed up for tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Webelow's Camp Out

Last weekend, Ethan and Josh went on the final campout of the year! Thanks goodness, because this one was cold enough. They announced at the pack meeting Monday night that the offical low temperature was 27!!!! Sunday morning when Josh got up, he took pictures of the frost on the tents. Pretty cold! One of the pictures above is of Ethan snuggled deep in his sleeping bag. They had a good time. One of the coolest things they got to do was retire some American Flags. Josh told me they burned flags and it freaked me out a little! :) But what he told me that I didn't know was that companies and other organizations will give their worn out flags to the Boy Scout / Cub Scout troops to retire. They have a whole ceremony that goes along with it. Pretty neat stuff. That is what those 3rd and 4th pictures are of. Sunday morning when the group woke up, there was a few deer in their camp. And some squirrels got into the food, fun adventures like that. After the campout was over, Josh and Ethan headed to the lake to do some fishing then finally headed home. Once they got here, Ethan told me he'd had a good time, but he was ready to be WARM! :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fall Leaves

This weekend while we were in TenKiller, (see below), we tried to take some pictures of the dudes in the fall leaves. By the time we actually got around to it, the light wasn't so great, but we got a few cute ones. No matter what, they are precious, aren't they?


This weekend we headed to TenKiller Lake for the day. We thought about staying overnight, but with three small children (and one weenie mama), it was way too cold! So we went for the day and had great fun. We went trout fishing, altogether they caught 12, had a campfire and plenty of yummy food. Including S'mores....yum. The boys had a blast, and no one fell in the lake which is always a plus. :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well, as you can see, we had a great Halloween. Micah was Thomas the Train, Clayton was Spiderman, and Ethan was Harry Potter. So cute. We had a really full day with both Ethan and Clay's school parties. They were already so hyped on sugar by the time we got home from school it was nuts! After dinner we headed out to trick or treat. Pretty cute stuff. This was the first year that they were all really into it and excited, so it was fun for us to watch them run door to door. They got a TON of candy, which they will most definitely not eat all of, but it was fun getting it. :)