Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clayton Plays Flag Football!

Well, Clayton the Tank Miles is at it again!! Now he's playing flag football! His first game was Saturday morning, and he was ready to go!! They had a blast! Still getting the skills polished up, but they are gonna be great! Should be a fantastic season! Come watch!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Illinois River Balloon Festival!

Last weekend we tried to go to a hot air balloon festival that didnt work out so well!! This weekend, we tried again! We headed to Talequah to check out another fest. Josh had to work, and Ethan went on a campout, so it was me and the 2 little dudes! We took a picnic dinner and ate out on the field, waiting for the balloons to arrive! After finishing dinner, we did some carnival rides, one not working out so well....after it got started, and went upside down, Micah was not thrilled. I just caught a glimpse of his terrified face screaming, and knew he was mortified. Let me tell you...that is a terrible, hopeless feeling!! He literally FLEW into my arms as he got was awful! Right after that we got some snocones to cheer us up, and laid out our blanket, and here came the balloons!! He cheered right up!! It was so cool to see! The just kept coming up over the horizon...the kids' favorite was one called "Skyscraper". It flew right over our heads. After they landed, and it was dusk, they all set up right in front of us and inflated. I gotta tell you, it was amazing. If you've ever been interested in hot air balloons, you got to go find one of these festivals!! You can get up close and personal with the balloons. They did their "glow", then rolled back up! Micah and Clayton told me it was one of the best days of their life! Awesome! IT was all capped off with fireworks at the end. Truly amazing.

First Day of School!!

Ready for the big day!

Do you think he's excited or what?

Is he handsome or what????

Thursday was the boys' first day of school!!! What a year for us. One in 7th grade, one in 2nd, and the other starting Kindergarten!!! Holy Moly!! Ethan moved to a new school this year....he is in the middle school now, with 800+ kids in his class...for Josh and I who grew up in tiny districts, this is unreal!! E's first day went well. Pretty crazy, and he happened to miss one of his classes and go to another twice, but we got all the glitches worked out! He was excited to see all his buddies after the summer. Clayton started 2nd grade, and he's in the same room as last year. For 1st and 2nd grade, we put him in the multi-age classroom. Last year he really enjoyed it, and this year, he's looking forward to being a "mentor" to the younger kiddos in the class! Micah started kindergarten!!! Holy cow, he was was nervous the night before, but woke up that morning ready to go! He has the same teacher that Clay had a few years before, so that was a level of familiarity that was important, I think. He did great!!!
It's going to be a great year!! An adjustment for all of us, having all of them in school all day long, but we will make it!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Love This Kid!

Clayton dancing at the hot air balloon festival....He got his moves from his Papa T!!! :D

Hot Air Balloons!!

Last night, the boys and I went up to Claremore (about an hour away) to see the hot air balloons fly!! We were so dissapointed when we got there that it was way to windy for them to go up! We walked around for awhile, and then found one of the pilots who had his basket out to take pictures in! He informed usthat he was going to try and get his balloon inflated later that night, so we hung out. The boys won giant inflatable hammers so they entertained themselves beating the crap outta each other!! :D And Radio Disney was there doing a concert thing, so they all played the games and danced. Finally, they were able to get the Mayflower balloon inflated, and we got a close view!! It was so awesome!!!