Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Micahs Very First T-Ball Game!! :D

The same number Dad had in high school!

The tounge out helps him run faster!

Awesome hit buddy!

Classic basball pose!! :D

What a stud!!

So, Micah had his very first ever t-ball game today! So exciting! I was bummed b/c I had to teach tonight, but he did awesome! Josh got some great pics. I was able to catch the last inning, so that was good. ;D He LOVES it! I think he's thrilled to have a sport to play like his big brothers....and the snacks help too! We are well on our way to a very fun, and BUSY sports season!! :D

Monday, March 24, 2008

Last day of spring break....

Today was the last day before the boys went back to school and we decided to make the most of it! It was a little windy, but perfect for flying the new kites they got for Easter. They had so much fun...Micah was the best flyer of them all! We had a picnic in the park, flew the kites and they played HARD all afternoon!

Happy Easter!

We spent Easter weekend in Haven with Joshuas times!! Saturday morning we got up and dyed eggs for the Easter Bunny. The boys had a ball! After that, we headed to Wichita to go see a movie...we saw Horton Hears a Who and the boys loved it! They only saw it once and I think they can quote 1/2 of it! After the movie, we had to go to Target because Micah had decided last week that the Easter Bunny would be tired from his travels and needed a snack! He said to me, "But Mama, Santa gets cookies and milk, shouldnt we leave something for the Easter Bunny?" We deicided on carrots and water. Micah had a theory that the more food we left out, the more *surprises* they would get! Clay thought it was genius! What nuts. We had a really great day, hunting eggs, going to church and then spending the afternoon with family. The boys will be on a sugar high for the next month...but at least they go back to school tomorrow!! :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandmother Goes to California!

I wrote this the other night right after I said goodbye to Grandmother and couldn't bring myself to put it up quite yet, I just wanted to get my words right...right now, she and my mom are driving across the country. Please pray for their safe travel.

So, my Grandmother is moving to California....and it's hurting my heart. For those of you who don't know, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's earlier this year, and it was a shock to my system...and that of our whole family. My dads father, my Poppo, has suffered with this horrible disease for a long time, and the very thought of watching two of my grandparents struggle through it at the same time is overwhelming. Anyway, she had moved here to Tulsa last summer to be closer to Mom and by default me, my family and my sister. I was so overjoyed to have her near...the thought of having her close so that my boys could know her better and... experience her was so cool to me. But due to circumstances beyond anyones control, she is moving. I've tried and tried to put my feeling for her into words, but I just cant...I'll try and describe. She can be difficult and frustrating at times, but my thought of her is overwhelmingly that of comfort. When I got pregnant at the age of 16, besides my parents, I was most frightened to tell her...I was so scared of seeing the disappointment in her eyes. But never did I see that...I just got a huge hug and lots of prayers. And that is the way it has always been with her...she'll put her soft hands on mine, and tell me how much she loves me. That's another thing I love about her....her hands and her hugs...again, the comfort thing. She has always been this *force* in my life, one of the few that when I went through that trial (teenage pregnancy) (besides my immediate family and very few friends) stood by me unwaveringly. And that she will not be just a car ride away, weather that be 4 hours of 4 minutes is almost too much for me to bear. Watching her with my kids has been such a joy...they love her to pieces, and the feeling is mutual. So, I'm trying to focus on what we got to have, and not be so sad. But being more cognizant of what happens with this disease (again, watching it with Poppo) has made me all that much more aware of the time I spend with her, trying to absorb every minute I can. But when my kids hugged her goodbye tonight, and I knew in all reality that would probably be the last time they saw her, it nearly broke my heart in half. And when I was soaking up that last hug...all I could think was I wonder if the next time I hug her she'll remember me...its devastating. It breaks my heart...but I'm so grateful that I have her. I have asked myself over and over...have I done enough? Have I spent enough time with her? I always thought I was happy with what I had done..but my answer is no, its never enough. But now, I'll have a new pen pal :). Love your grandparents while you have the chance...they could be gone before you know it.

St. Pat's Run

Saturday morning, I ran the St. Patricks Run with some of the Batteries Plus girls. It was only a 5K, but it was important for me to do...last year, the St. Pats run was the first race I ever participated in, and I thought I was going to DIE!!! I wasnt sure I would ever do something like that again ;D. But since then, I've done the Tulsa Run (9 miles) and the Route 66 Half Marathon, several other races and I am getting ready to do another half marathon with the team in OKC the end of April. So, let me just give myself a pat on the back at how far I've come in a year...I shattered my time from last year and I actually felt good when I finished! Wow! They had free beer at the end, so we all grabbed a cup, but then threw it away when we decided we wanted coffee...thats how you know you're getting old!! When you throw away FREE beer to go pay for coffee!! ;D

The Wedding!!

So, here are the final pictures of the was simply beautiful. Watching thier faces was the most fun thing for me, I think Jason said "Oh my God" about 5 times as Betsy walked down the aisle!! So, now they are the Davis'! Yeah!!! ;D Congrats, we love you both so much.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bach Party #2!! The *Personal Shower*

Her face when she sees what all we have in store for her!

Yes, those are cakes shaped like...penis.

Ummm...yes, those say "Lick me" :D They'll go great with the candy bra!

The candy bra...yum, yum!!

Oh, she'll KILL me for this one!! ;D

Me and my penis coffe the next morning!

Friday night after the rehersal was over, the girls went back to Betsys hotel room to have a personal shower, and the guys went to the hotel lobby to play poker. Betsy walked into the room after having some private time with Jason and promptly saw the penis cakes I had baked specially for the evening!! (If you need to know how to bake a penis-call me, theres a whole science to it!! My experience is pretty entertaining!) We also had the requisite peni straws, which didnt really work so well. ;D We had a great time laughing and talking and hooting it up with champagne and cake.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rehersal Dinner

I'm bummed b/c the pics we took at the rehersal didn't come out so well...but we got a few cute ones from the dinner. And the dinner was AMAZING!!!! Jerilyn's moms group put it all together and it was simply wonderful...they did a fantastic job and we were all stuffed and happy at the end of the meal!

Bach Party #1!

Thursday night we took Betsy out for bachelorette party #1!! It was a great time...we went out for a nice dinner, then went and saw 27 Dresses (cute wedding movie!) and then headed to the bar for some karaoke!! It was a lot of fun. We had some fun *dare* cards for Betsy, and she had to do fun things like ask a guy for a neck rub and another guy for change for the condom machine...hilarous! We took turns singing some songs, then all sang one together right before we was a blast! ;D

Betsys Wedding....a little *tease* ;D

I have got a TON of pics to post from last weekend...but I've been sick so I havent had a chance!! But it's on my to do are a few pics for the moment, I got them from my sis-in-law Falons page...I'll be posting more later...and ALL the stories to go with them!! ;D Thanks for letting me steal your pics Bird!! They're awesome!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Michael Buble!!

Well, the night before I left for KC for the wedding, Josh and I got to go to Oklahoma City to see Michael Buble in concert! It was amazing...simply wonderful. We had a fantastic dinner (without kiddo interruption!!!) and then watched the show...and even though we were in the nose bleeds...I'm talkin as far back and in the corner as we could get people! was the best date we've been on in so long. The only hang up was that on the way home there was a wreck on the turnpike that had us stopped for over an hour.... :( But, I think I've got my husband hooked on the Buble!! :D