Monday, May 19, 2008


Robbers Cave

What a handsome dude!

Chillin on the top

Gettin geared up!

Oh baby....

Here he goes!!

On the way down...hold your breath!

E after a long hard weekend ;D

So this weekend while the little dudes and I were off galavanting in KC, Josh and Ethan went with the Boy Scouts to Robbers Cave for a repelling trip! We talked about Josh going with me to KC, but decided we'd both be way more comfortable with one of us being with Ethan while he climbed up and down rock walls! They had a blast! Ethan told me "It was so fun mom, but that first time I went down, I was SOOO scared!" He really enjoyed himself! Josh got in on the fun too. To prepare for the trip, Ethan was put in charge of the grocery shopping and Josh thinks he has a new found appreciation for me! Thats always nice. ;D Where they were, Josh had NO cell phone reception, so that was pretty nerve racking for me. I got up Sunday morning and told Landon that since I had gotten no phone calls, that meant that theyhadnt had to drive to an ER where he had service! Good news! One time on a campout last year, I got a call about 10:30pm, Josh saying he was trying to decide if E needed stitches or not...he's sliced his finger! So, needless to say, with the stakes a little higer this time, nervous nelly Mom was biting my nails until I could get ahold of them. ;D In just a few weeks, he goes away for a week to camp, and when he gets back, he'll be 11! He comes home on his birthday. Such great experiences he is having...and it's icing on the cake that Josh gets to go along for the fun.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

Cooper, Clay and Micah...buddies forever!

Micah was SOO glad to see Grandmother Great!

The Grandmother and I

Grandmother and her kiddos

Mom and Kelli Kay

My cousin Kelli and I

This weekend my youngest cousin Kati got married!! We headed to Liberty to celebrate with all the fam. As the wedding was starting, I realized that my camera was just about dead...poop!! I was so mad...and I never got a pic of the happy couple! Anyway, we had a great time. We got to see Grandmother, (she moved to CA a few months ago) and she looked wonderful! We also got to see our cousin Kelli who lives in Seattle. And we got to spend time chatting and catching up with lots of other family we havent seen in quite awhile. It was a fun weekend, but man is it tough to make that drive twice in 2 days! I was wiped. But we made it safe and sound. Josh and E went on a Boy Scout campout, so be looking for those pics, they'll be up soon! ;D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mama's Day

Our family on Mothers Day

Betsy, Mom and I at the Yo Mama Brunch

The stepping stone Micah made for me at school

Our new kitty, Maddy

We had a great Mothers Day weekend! On Saturday, Mom Betsy and I went to my church for a non-traditional Yo Mama brunch! It was lots of fun. Great things to eat and lots of laughs. After we were done we went shopping for awhile. It was a great girls day! On Sunday, all my dudes woke me up with a waffle in bed! So very sweet. We had a really fun day, eating lunch and then....we got a cat! Kind of a quick decision for Josh and I, but the dudes are so excited. They love her. We decided that she was the one when they all passed her around and she just laid there like she didnt have a care in the world! Obviously she can deal with 3 crazy boys. :D Hope all you mamas had just as wonderful a day as I did! Love to you all!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ethan goes to BizTown!

Some of you may know BizTown by a different name..Exchange City. We all went in 5th grade, and now, if you can believe it, I have a son in 5th grade!! I learned earlier this year that they were going and I couldnt wait!! He had so much fun. His job for the day was CEO of Reasors (grocery store for you non-Tulsans). He did an amazing job! He really is a fantastic mulit-tasker, although he could learn to delegate a little more. :D It was unreal how much this mock town really worked like "life"! He had to approve invoices and pay employees (our kids were fantastic, by the way! GO Reasors team!!) and there was always someone wanting his attention. He did a wonderful job getting it all done and not getting frustrated. During the morning town hall meeting he had to go in front of everyone and make a speech, enticing people to come to thier store, and he was great! He did an interview with the newspapaer and had an article all about him! He also got to interview with the News Station, which was lots of fun. What an experience...I cant wait until the other two go!