Friday, July 11, 2008

Whitsitt Family Fun Day!

After our time in Wichita, we headed to KC for the annual Whitsitt Family Fun Day event!! It was fun that 4th of July coincided, the boys all had a blast shooting off fireworks. We played and played, frolicked in the pool, backyard baseball, bocce ball, croquet, and lots and lots of talking and goofing it up! One night all the adult children stayed up until 3 am!! Chatting!! It's been awhile since this old gal has done that :D. It really was a blast, and made so much more special that all of us could be together for a weekend. And, of course, we got our annual family photo to top everything off. Long live WFFD!!

Miles Family Vacation!

Last week we headed to Wichita/Haven for our mini Miles Family Vacation! We had a ball. Kent had to work nights, so we got to see him for dinner, and Josh had to work a few days too, but we managed to squeeze lots in to our 2 1/2 days together! We began with seeing WALL-E, so so cute! I think we all enjoyed it. The next day, we hit the water park. Micah had a bit of trouble there 'cause he was about 2 inches short to be able to ride the slide or go off the diving boards, so that was kind of tough, but he had lots of fun, I think! The other dudes had a blast with the slides, and Clay even worked up the nerve to go off the high, high dive! Josh was so nervous...worried about his baby up there!! Clay and Ethan both did it, and the *zoom* slide, the one that goes nearly straight down! Holy cow! They loved it though. The day after that, we went to the zoo and checked out the new Cessna Penguin exhibit. Lots of fun....the boys got to feed some animals in the childrens zoo, which they loved. Clay was kinda nervous...he'd throw all his food out, and at one point, when they were nudging him for more, he turned around and said "I hate those stupid goats!" It was hysterical! After the zoo, we headed for lunch and then to Exploration Place. Lots of cool stuff there...flight simulators and history on airplanes, a *real* tornado. I think that was Clays favorite thing! He is a budding meterologist! They all loved that part. When we finished up there, we went to a candy store where they could make thier own pixie sticks! Dont you know they were all over that! That night we connected with the Omaha cousins and our final day we went bowling and go cart racing. They had a blast! Glad we could see them before we had to leave. It was tons of fun smashed in to not a lot of time, but we were glad to have the time together! :D