Monday, February 16, 2009

A few more basketball pics....


A few weeks ago, Ethan got to go with Joshua to Haven for his very first hunting trip! He hasnt had hunters safety yet, so on the actual hunt, he only got to observe, but that afternoon, Papa and Daddy took him out to the field and let him shoot targets. They had a ball! It was so fun to hear him talk about it....and hear the little boys countdown the years until they can go!


Last week, my dear friend Carina came back to Tulsa for a visit! We got to spend the evening with her and some of our other pals, eating pizza and bowling. By the end, Clay was way tired!!! But we had a blast!


Last week, my parents came to visit!! Friday night, we took the little dudes swimming at Dad and Mama C's hotel. They had a blast, but I think Papa T had the most fun! Couldnt resist posting these pics!! :D Love ya dad!