Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Claytons 1st T-Ball Game :)

Monday night was Claytons first ever t ball game!! He has so much fun, he loves to wave and give thumbs up when he's out on the field. What a ham!! He has "Tank" on his uniform 'cause thats what Papa T calls him....pretty good name for him, huh? :)

Moving Ma

This past weekend, we helped mom move from KC to Tulsa. Landon helped us in KC, and Ben, Bird and Betsy helped out in Tulsa. We had a great time, discovering old treasure and laughing and teasing. The boys loved the guitar they found, had so much fun playing songs for us. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Aunt Chrystal comes to visit....

This week the boys are on Spring Break so Aunt Chrystal came to visit for a few days. We got so busy that I didnt really have a chance to snap many pics with ehr and the dudes, but they did play a game of "pile on Aunt Chrystal" last night that was pretty funny. They had a good time. She also helped me paint my bedroom, and get new sheets, and a duvet cover. :) Pretty fun stuff. Thanks for coming Aunt Chrystal!!! Love you...

T-ball and St. Patricks Day

This weekend I got to see Claytons t ball practice for the first time!! Usually I'm with Ethan at practice or a game, and Josh takes Clay 'cause he is helping coach. He was so cute, giving me thumbs up and waving from the outfield. He LOVES to slide into home. I think all but one time he came across the plate it was in the dirt. So typical!! The boys also looked awful cute for St. Patricks one in our house got pinched! :)


The other night we hosted "Poker Night" (Christ kicked everyones booty), and I intended to get pics of that, but ended up getting more pics of the kiddos instead!!!They are cuter than us... :)

Park Day!

The end of last week was so nice, high 70's!!! I took the boys to a new park here in Jenks and they had a great time. We are sooo ready for spring!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

A few weeks ago, we had Ethans montly pack meeting at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. It was so much fun!! They had airplanes all over the place, and most of them were open so the kids could climb up in them and look around. Of course, the boys got a huge kick out it. Ethan got 2 new awards, so that was fun too. Josh and I thought it was pretty neat too, but we were more focused on making sure the boys didnt fall out of the planes :)

Ethans Soccer Game

Last Saturday Ethan had his first soccer game of the season!! He was pretty excited. It was so cold that day, I think the temp was 41 degrees with a north wind of up to 25 mph!! Freakin cold!!! Clay and Micah were pretty miserable, so we only stayed for the first half...poor Daddy had to tough it out! :) They did good, Ethan even got to head-butt a was so cool!! GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Miles boy drama!!!!

In the span of about 25 minutes this afternoon, we found out that Clayton had been sent to the principals office, and Ethan had sustained his first broken heart. What a Friday afternoon!!! Clay got sent to the office because he threw a 30 minute fit in the classroom, she couldnt get him calmed down, so she sent him to the office. He was there, in the principals office for another 30 minutes. (You should have seen Ethans face when we told him!! Priceless....) He's been having trouble for a few months now going to school...he misses us too much he says. All its been up to now is a few tears when we drop him off, every once in awhile some real clinging, but no major attitude problems. Today was different....he was kicking and screaming because he wanted to go home. Jeez....I'm not sure what we are going to do, we've got to get this under control. Any suggestions would be helpful! (After you stop laughing...I know some of you are just getting a kick out of the "payback" involved here...)
In Ethan news, sweet little Allison came up to Ethan today and told him "We're over." Then ran away to play with her friends. Josh put him on his lap and told him that girls were mean (except for Mommy, of course) and that he would have lots of girlfriends in the future. He told us that some of the kids in his class have been really mean, calling him ugly and other mean 4th grade crap that makes me just want to take a can of WHOOP ASS up to the school and OPEN IT WIDE!!!!!!!!! I think we cheered him up, we talked about who his really good friends were, and how important it was to have them. But it is becoming clearer and clearer that life is hard for these kiddos.
Well ya'll, pray for us!!! Oh the challenges. And I thought they got easier as they got older.....just different things. If you have Ethans e-mail, I'm sure he'd appreciate a nice email. He's sensitive about calling Allison names, but just let him know how special he is, and what a remarkable young man he is. Thanks everyone!