Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Clay, Dad and Jerilyn :)

This weekend we were in KC for vacation and while we were there celebrated Clayton, Dad and Jerilyns birthdays. (My camera has been pooped out, so that is why I havent posted anything of Clays actual birthday.) We had big birthdays all around...Clay turned 5, Jer turns 30 and dad turns the big double nickel!!! :) We had lots of fun, and of course Clay got a big kick out of opening more presents! Nothing like having 3 birthday parties :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge!

This weekend we went to Kansas City to Great Wolf Lodge. If you've never been there I highly recommend it! It was great fun. Landon, Jer and their family got to come, along with Betsy and Dad and Connie. Of course, Josh and I and the kiddos went too. We stayed over a Thursday night, and got to play Thurday afternoon and all day Friday. The kids loved all the slides and the fort to play in. Ian and Ethans favorite part was the snake in the water basketball pool, I think! Nana and Papa T had a great time, but we wore them out! I think everyone was pretty tired on Friday. :) Friday morning we went down to the lobby for story time. They have talking animals that tell a story, and dad thought the talking moose was pretty cool :) One of my favorite parts was of course the slides, but also standing under the huge bucket of water that dumps 1000+ gallons of water every 5 minutes. The little boys (Clay, Micah and Si) loved the kiddos hot tub. Everyone had a great time. Some would vote "blue slide for president", but I think I gotta vote green!! :) So much fun! Check it out if you ever have the chance.

Great Wolf Lodge Sideshow

We had so many fun pictures I wanted to get some more on here, so enjoy the show!! :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh Lord, Help Me!!!

Ethan, my sweet baby Ethan just came to me with a huge grin and told me he had a girlfriend!! His very first "official" girlfriend. He's had a crush on a gal almost all year, but turns out she's not so nice (for example, telling a little boy that if he ate hand sanitizer, she'd kiss him then not following through) among other things. I had asked him yesterday if he got any "special" valentines, and he said no. Hmmmm....and, this little lady asked him out!! Too freakin cute! Her name is Allison, and she was in our group on the zoo field trip (click the October link, and the second picture down of all the kids, Allison is in the very front, blond with the Jenks sweatshirt on). She is a sweetie. Ethan told me that by "going out" they hang out at recess together and eat lunch together, and he walks her to the bus. I told him NO KISSING and he just blushed and said no way would he kiss her, he was just going to hold her jeez...I can't believe my baby is this old!!! Josh is just rolling his eyes at me. However, peer pressure and the cruelty of kids are already showing. He said that some other kids told him his girlfriend is ugly. We discussed that kids can be mean, and if he thought she was pretty, that was all that mattered. And that someone being "good looking" is more than just outer looks...anyway, please just pray for my sanity and for the struggles of peer pressure Ethan is already facing! What innocent sweetness he has!!! YOUNG LOVE!!!!!

Family Time

Last weekend we were in Wichita to visit Chrystal and got to see lots of our other family! Joshuas Aunt Michelle, Bonnie, Uncle Jack, Aunt Jan, Cousin Kristen and her kiddos Tyler, Haley and Ashley Grace, and finally Gram and Granpa Harold got to come by and see us. It was a great surprise to see everyone, and the kids had a ball playing. We finally got to meet sweet Ashley Grace also! Chrystal, Jeanne and I had to pass her around and share...It was a great time!! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Claytons "Pretend" Birthday

Last weekend we went to Wichita to see Joshuas family, and celebrated Claytons 5th birthday a little early! He didnt mind, let me assure you!! :) He called it his "pretend" birthday, and I think he told everyone wherever we went what we were doing. He got new "deer clothes", what he calls the camo outfit that Papa got him. I asked him if he wanted to wear them that day, and he informed me that he was saving them to wear to go hunting! :) He also got some fun Hot Wheels stuff, new shirts and a fun elephant game! Aunt Chrystal and Josh had to "make sure it worked" the night before she gave it to Clay. Pretty funny to watch 2 adults run around after some fabric butterflies with a net made for a kiddo!!! :) The kids all had a good time. Now we are less than a week away from his "real" birthday! 5 years old...jeez...and in just a few months Ethan will be 10....I need some drugs...:)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hmmm....what to do when you need a snack and Mom and Dad are busy????

Well, hop onto the counter and get it yourself!!! :)

Valentines Party

Hi everyone!! I know it's been awhile, but we have been busy! I have lots of new pictures to post, so I'll be doing a few this week. :) These pics are of the boys at the church Valentines party. Josh and I, along with another couple have started a kids group called Kids*Night*Out, and the party was our second event. We had a great time, decorating gift sacks, cookies, doing a Valentine sack crawl, Simon says, and lots more fun stuff. Aunt B even came to join in the fun with her cutie patootie Valentines. The kids were in heaven with all the candy!! :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Trying a new thing....

I am trying to do a slide show, so I picked out some old pictures to see how it works! Enjoy! :)