Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

Last week the boys were on spring break. We had a ball!! I was super busy with extra clsses, but we made the best of it and tried to have a new adventure every day. Monday we went to see a movie and then to the park with some friends, (it was beautiful here all week!), Tuesday we went to Bounce U (indoor inflatables), Wednesday was hiking Turkey Mountain (well, as big a mountain as you can have in OK!) and then ice cream, Thursday was recovery with a movie day at home and Friday was a bike ride and more playing at the park. I think the boys' favorite day was hiking...we climbed all over, and they managed to scare me to death on that rock ledge...I'm talkin serious pain in my chest and belly! They thought it was hysterical that I was so freaked out! :D They caught frogs and played in the mud...we finished up at another park, and another pond where Clay fell in!! Surprise, surprise!! Hope you all had a great week too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vacation with the Davis'

This last weekend we had the awesome opportunity to go on vacation with my sister and her husband to celebrate their one year anniversary! Amazing how time flies! We all headed to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Betsy found a cute cabin right on the water, and it came with a paddleboat, rowboat and hot tub! Such fun! We all turned up Friday night and checked out the cabin, then headed to a local Mexican place for some grub! Right off we were having an amazing time! Saturday morning brought an early paddleboat ride for Joshua and I, then some breakfast and finally, hitting the outlet mall! I was a proud big sister as I escorted Betsy to the Coach store to pick out her very own bag!! It was so fun!! We spent some time shopping then headed back to the cabin for some dinner and hot tubbin! Sunday was more fantastic time with the Davis'. It was their anniversary!!! We ate some breakfast then headed into town for another aquick stab at the shops, the into downtown for some fun! We went into one of those studios to get our "old time photo" done. I've always wanted to do it, so has B, but the boys were none to thrilled....until they saw how we'd be dressed!! :D It was a ton of fun! Then we headed to play some 10 cent skee ball (of which I am the champ!! 330 high score!) and then off to dinner. We went to an amazing restuarant right on the lake with amazing views and even better food! After that we raced home to sit on the dock and watch the sunset. It was fantastic! As you can tell, we had an amazing weekend. It was so good to spend some time with my dear sister and her wonderful husband. Fantastic food, amazing talks, and just quality time that I think all of us needed! This is hopefully going to be an annual trip! Love you Davis'!!!

The Circus!

We got to go to the circus!! I LOVE the circus and hope that my boys do too! This is the first opportunity that we've had to take Micah, and he loved it! He wasnt so sure about that weird clown though... :D. I found myself constantly saying "Now, understand you cannot do that at home." "No, you may not use the swingset as a trapeze!" Too funny!! Cant you just see those kiddos trying that stuff??? Their favorite thing was the "Ball of Death", a big metal ball that 3 dirt bikes got in and rode around. Pretty cool!
Just one extra note...when we arrived, we had to wait out in the cold for about 20 minutes to get tickets. I had had the boys get their coats, but was so rushed as we left that I forgot mine! Those 2 little dudes rubbed my back and blocked me from the wind! They were so sweet trying to keep me warm...several people in line even commented about what sweet boys I had. They are so special! Just wanted to share!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines weekend Joshuas parents, sister and her boyfriend came down to help celebrate Clays birthday, and we got to go to dinner! Chrystal, Vinny, Josh and I all went out for a lovely dinner, just adults! So much fun. Nice to have adult conversation without little ones running underfoot! :D

Clays Birthday!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Claytons 7th birthday!! Can you believe he's that old? He wanted to have some of his friends spend the night, so we had a sleepover. How goofy am I that I agreed to it, on the day they all had thier Valentines parties! They were hyped up! But it was a ball. Later that week, he lost his first top tooth, and get this! He thought the Tooth Fairy was gonna give him $20 b/c it was his birthday!!! Too funny! ;D