Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rainy Days....

This week has been another rainy week in Oklahoma. They just said on the news it's rained 18 of the last 21 days.....I cant believe it's already almost July and we've harldy been to the pool!! The boys have taken to watching the weather and counting the rainy days (which translates into days they cant: play outside, go to the pool, ride their bikes, etc) and pouting, and the last several weeks, the rainy days have been more than half the week! Today, I took the dudes to the mall where they have a play area. The big boys were able to climb up onto this one piece, and Micah wasnt quite able to make it....he tried and tried and finally, he made it up there and it was SOOOOO cute!! He stuck his little fists in the air and WHOOO-HOOOO'ed. It was precious. Tonight, Clay and I were playing around with the camera, so I thought I'd post a few of the fun pictures we took. He took the ones of Josh and Micah in the kitchen cooking dinner, and the one of Ethan all by himself! Pretty fun! Thank God for the rain, but hopefully we can start passing it around to the rest of the country that needs it too. Hope its sunny where you are!!! :D

Friday, June 22, 2007

***Punk Rock Mama!!***

#1....Here's my new "punk" hair (as Uncle Clint would say) for those of you who never get to see me before the red fades out :D

#2....If you visit Tulsa, stay off the sidewalk, they gave me my keys back!! Thats right, I'm driving again!!!! Seriously, thank you to all of you who have kept our family, and especially me, in your prayers through this very stressful time in our lives. We have felt it, and seen your actions, and can never be grateful enough for all of you.

#3....We signed papers on the rental house toady, so it is SOLD! WHOOO-FREAKIN-HOOOOO!!!!!! That is a big PTL( thank you Grandmother ;) ) A good week, by all accounts.

Love you all so much!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to our sweet Daddy...we love you!!!

Fun in KC!

This week we ended up in KC for the week. We got to spend lots of time in Ms. Mandys pool, which the boys just LOVED, and we got to see our cousins too. It was tons of fun to get to spend time with Nana and Papa T, and I think the boys loved getting to play with them in the water and shoot them with the jets and water guns!! Just a warm up for Whitsitt Family Fun Day....

Monday, June 11, 2007


This past weekend, my Grandmother (the dudes call her Grandmother-Great) came down to visit and tour some retirement homes. She is going to be moving to Tulsa sometime in the near future, so we had a pretty fun weekend! She was pretty tuckered out from the long drive down, but I think she got a big kick out of getting to see the dudes and see our house. The boys, especially Micah talked her ear off, and gave her lots of love. We are so excited to have her close to us, and cant wait until we can drop in and visit with her anytime we want to. All weekend she had funny random things to tell us, and it just reminded me how much we need to cherish those "older" adults in our lives....they have so much wisdom to give, we need to make the time to recieve it. Hopefully we'll get the moving schedule worked out and get her moved soon!! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ethan Miles.....10 Year Old!!!!!!

On Thursday, our sweet sweet Ethan turned the big 1-0!! Amazing. He was sooo excited. He had his very first sleepover ever. 3 of his buddies came over to spend the night, Josh and I were wondering what the heck we were thinking!! Earlier in the day, Josh went to pick up Ethans friend Caleb, and he went with us to the local pool to swim. At 2:40 pm, (the time Ethan was born) he did a BIG cannonball right into the pool. Pretty fun. Then we came home and his other friends joined us for a pizza party dinner. After dinner, the boys put on their tattoos. I had found a package of 100 tattoos for them to play with, so they put them ALL OVER! It was hilarous. The picture of Ethan above is before he even had all of his on. Pretty fun. Then we had brownies and ice cream for dessert, and finally, presents!!! He got some cool shirts, gift cards, cash and a new scooter! Very awesome. Josh then took the older dudes to see the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie, while I stayed home with the little 2 and put them to bed. After the big dudes got home, they were in the play room "telling scary stories", so Josh decided he was going to scare the poop out of them. He hopped the fence, and went around back and flung open the back door to the room they were in. They all knew it was him, and went out of the room to find flashlights to go out in the backyard to hunt him down. Well, little did they know that while they were out of the room, he snuck in and hid behind the couch. When they all got back in there and were ready to go into the backyard, he jumped out from behind the couch and made those boys scream like crazy! It was great!! He got them good. They even admitted he got them good. Over all it was a huge success...Ethan had a great time, just ended up a little tired. :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Betsy and Al


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A cute pic of my hot sis and I that I wanted to share with y'all!!