Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tulsa Run :D

Today was the 30th annual Tulsa Run, but the first one that I participated in ;D. Ever since we moved down here, I have wanted to do this, and finally this year, I did!!! Holy cow, it was a looong way...9.3 miles, but really great. One of my friends, Ali, ran too, along with some of her other friends and we formed a team. Her family owns the Batteries Plus stores here in Tulsa, so they "sponsored" us with special T-shirts that said "powered by Batteries Plus" on the back...pretty cute ;D. Mom came and brought the two little boys to cheer me on, thanks for being my cheering squad!! My official computer chip time was 1:29:17. A little slower than what I'd trained at, but DAMN those were some big ass hills!!! No matter, I finished upright and conscious...that's whats important, right Dad?? ;D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Miles Family Photos

We recently had our pictures taken by my good friend Whitney with Joshuas family...thought you might enjoy seeing a few... ;D

Monday, October 08, 2007

*UPDATE* Memory Walk 2007

Memory Walk is the national signature fund-raising event of the Alzheimer's Association. Since 1989, Memory Walk has raised more than $225 million to help fight Alzheimer's and help those currently living with the disease.

We encourage you to join with your friends, family and colleagues to walk with us and help us exceed our fundraising goal of $200,000 for the metro Kansas City Memory Walk. All proceeds from the event remian local and help to support the more than 50,000 individuals and nearly 200,000 family members and caregivers in our 66-county service area living with the daily struggles of Alzheimer's disease.

I copied the above from the event website...still can't find any numbers as to how many walkers participated, but it was an amazing number!! ;D The actual amout raised for the KC walk alone was $214,358!!! And our little team raised nearly $900!! So great....

Sunday, October 07, 2007

2007 Alzheimers Memory Walk

This weekend we went to Kansas City to participate in the 2007 Memory Walk to fight Alzheimer's. As most of you know, my Poppo (dads dad) suffer with this disease, and Joshua's Papa Miles died with it years ago, so this is a cause close to our hearts. The walk was Saturday morning, and all my siblings were able to be there with us, along with Dad and Mama C, Aunt Brenda and even Geri was able to stop by and say hello before we began the race!! It was wonderful. We got checked in and then wandered over to the where they had all of the memory flags set was an amazing, and very emotional sight. We found some of the ones for Poppo, and the ones we had made for Papa Miles, and took pictures of those. Then we began on the walk!! It was a one or three mile option, so Josh, Jer and the kiddos did the one mile loop while Dad, Connie, Aunt Brenda, Betsy, Jason, Ben, Landon and I did the three mile loop. Josh and Jer took the kiddos to the kids tents to play games while the rest of us were finishing our walk and they had a grand 'ol time! They got their hair painted, and faces painted, played games for cool prizes and all kinds of stuff!! When we were all finsihed walking, we grabbed some water and food, the headed back to the house for some burgers! Later that night, we played some poker, and let me just say that Jer took Landon DOWN!!! HARD!! It was great....I could have quit playing right then!! ;D But, I didn't and eventually, I WON!!! I am the reigning Whitsitt/Miles POKER CHAMPION!!! It was a great weekend, good to see everyone, but the best thing was that we all were able to be there to take part in such a significant event, one that hopefully will become a family tradition...thanks to all of you who contributed to us! ;D