Monday, February 25, 2008

Ethan Graduates Cub Scouts

This weekend, Ethan graduated from Cub Scouts and became a Boy Scout! It was a really cool thing...they had a big ceremony for them. It was neat, because these boys have worked so hard, and for them to be recognized for that was really cool. He had a lot of fun, and is excited because most of the boys in his old pack are going to be going with him to his new Boy Scout troop. :D Way to go Ethan! We are so proud of you!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Betsy's Bridal Shower

Today was Betsys bridal shower. Two weeks from today is the big day! Can you believe it? She came down with strep throat earlier this week, and was in some severe pain Friday, but finally was feeling better Saturday....thats why you see her chugging the cough syrup right from the bottle! :D Better now than in 2 weeks, right? Probally the *best* gift was Munnas wedding ring that Aunt Brenda gave to special. We had lots of fun, food and laughs...especially when we all shared interesting "marriage tidbits"....great times!

Clayton turns 6!!!!

Clayton Tyler turned 6 on Tuesday! What a big day...not only did he have a birthday, he also lost a tooth! :D He was so excited. His birthday party is Sunday afternoon, so he's been kind of confused about his actual *birthday*, but we've got him all straightened out, I think! Such a big dude... ;D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Micah has no training wheels!!

Micah has no training wheels!! Last Saturday, Josh talked to Micah about taking off his training wheels, and his response was "But I'm not 5 yet!" Too funny! His wheels are bent so badly that he hardly uses them anyway, so it was just logical that they come off. When Josh took them off, he just rode away! Didnt need hardly any help at all! Now he's a champ, keeping up with his brothers like a "big" boy ;D.

Blue and Gold Banquet

The other night we had Ethans final Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts! I can't belive he's about to be done with it...and move on to Boy Scouts. Next weekend is his formal graduation ceremony. At this banquet, they did all the regular stuff, and at the end, had a magician perfom. It was pretty cool...he was funny too! For his final trick, he called for a volunteer...and picked Ethan ;D. He brought him up on stage and pretended like he was going to chop off his was too funny..E was pretty can see in that one pic him covering his eyes! At one point, the magician asked if Ethan trusted him, and Ethan very loudly said "NO!!" Hysterical! Of course, he came out of the trick just fine, but the kids were amazed that his hand was still attached ;D. Great times.