Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday Fun....

Saturday afternoon after lots of hard work in the yard, garage and house, daddy took the boys for a ride on his motorcycle!! Chill out grandmas...just up and down the street!!! Micah said "That was TOTALLY FUN!!!" Josh set the little boys up front far enough that they could hold onto the handlebars like they were driving, so they thought they were big stuff!! Ethan was so cool, he needed to sit on the back!! Fun times....

Scouting Fall Festival

Saturday Ethan and I went out to Camp Russell for the Scouting Fall Festival. We had tons of fun, there was TONS of fun things to do. Ethan started with making an Indian style choker out of beads at one of the turned out pretty cool! Then we went to another area and he made a rocket that launched using PVC pipe and a pop bottle. He also did a gold dig, and archaeological dig, sawed using a HUGE old fashioned saw and lots of other stuff. But the biggest fun of the day was getting to go down the zip line. We had to wait in line for almost an hour, but it was worth it to see the huge smile on his face...such great fun! The pics aren't great, b/c he was on the far side from me, but he LOVED it! So great! On top of all the activities, we got to eat hot dogs, eat smores, try some AMAZING apple cobbler and biscuits with honey and lots of other yummy was a great mommy and Ethan day.. ;D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My spunky new 'do!

It's a goofy pic, but you get the idea! I chopped my hair off (about 4 inches) and took out all the blonde!!! I was ready for a big change..Micah is still not sure about it, but I think its fun ;D

Friday, September 21, 2007

Micah Miles-Pre Schooler!!!

Micah started pre school today! He was so excited...I was worried that he was going to have some hesitation, but NO WAY!! He was ready to go and play. He was so excited he didnt even complain about me taking his picture! I took him to his classroom and had to beg for a kiss goodbye. His teacher told me when I picked him up that he had done an awesome job. Micah told me that he loved school, except for music class because they had to dance! :D No Broadway star here! But he loved eveything else, especially the playground...are we really that surprised??

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Micah Blue turns 4!!!!!

Tuesday Micah turned 4 years old!! So big...we had a fun day. He, daddy and I went to lunch because thats "what I decided", he said. :) Did he think it was his special day or something??? We also finally found a transformes cake after much looking...NOWHERE has cake toppers or things you can put on top of an already made cake, and the cake I was going to make him he didnt want anymore, so transformes it was! After the boys got home from school, we finished up last minute stuff and headed to the park for the party. Almost all of his friends were able to come be with us, so that was awesome. We cooked hot dogs on the grill, had some cake and ice cream and the kiddos ran their little toes off! It was great fun. And of course, Micah opened his gifts. He got some great stuff!! A fire truck shirt, some new transformers toys, an art kit (thanks so much for the glitter!!!), hot wheels, and mom and dad got him a new Ratatouille game for his Leapster, a few other toys and his very own digital camera!!! So cool..he's pretty pumped about that. Still needs some practice, but its great fun. Over all, he had a wonderful day. Cant believe he's already 4...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

California...Part II

Saturday morning found us bright and early!! We got up and watched another beautiful sunrise over the mountains (boy is that a motivation to get out of bed!!) to head to the Napa Valley for our tour of the Beringer Vineyard. We stopped at another favorite California haunt, Jamba Juice for a smoothie, and headed out! The Napa Valley is gorgeous, and we saw a golf club, Chardonnay Golf club, that was situated right in the middle of the vineyard. Greens right there in the middle of the fields of grapes. Pretty cool. We got checked in at Beringer and started on our tour. One of the first things we saw was the grove of Redwoods on the property, so amazing....those trees are awesome....cant even describe them...the grounds were immaculate. It would be so cool to get married there!! They also showed us a very old oak tree called the leaning oak that they have a label after, which we took pics in front of. After that, we headed in to the aging rooms in the mountain, where all the old barrels are kept. They are HUGE!!! Then they led us in to where they keep the ones they use today...just row after row of snuck down to the other side and I took a cool pic of her peeking down the tunnel ;). We learned a lot about the process of how its made and aged, and then we got to taste some! Some was pretty good...some was not! One bottle was $215, and it was gross (to me) but I sucked it down 'cause it's easily the most expensive wine I'll ever drink!! When the tour was over we got some souvenirs, then headed to downtown St. Helena to eat some lunch and do some shopping. After that, mom and I headed to the wedding we were going to, and on the way we got....lost. Pretty funny...we asked a lady to help us and when she found out we were from Oklahoma, she started talking really s-l-o-w-l-y...I'm not kidding!!! It was soooo funny!!! We finally found the wedding, and it was at a beautiful ranch, mom had fun catching up with all her old pals, and we ate some good food. And they had a chocolate fountain, which makes any wedding worth going to! After much fun, we started home.....we finally got there and crawled into bed. Up early the next day to catch out planes out...we drove over the mountains as the sun was coming up,but mom got to get one last glimpse of her "whirly gigs" (they are big wind catchers for energy) that she loves. The pic didn't turn out so great, but they really are amazing to look at on the sides of the mountains. At the airport, while waiting for my flight, they told us that coming out of our gate, they're were 24 marines returning from Iraq...we clapped and hollered for them. Mom and I were crying...they were just babies!! It was an awesome sight. The whole trip was was great to spend some time with just my ma....we laughed until we thought we needed new underwear, ran ourselves until we couldn't keep our eyes open and farted like men! (I think mom, Uncle Dave and Aunt Kay agree with my friends, I'm the most gaseous girl they know!) It was great. I love you mom...thanks for such a wonderful trip...

California.....Part I

Mom and I's trip to California was a BLAST!!! We had so much fun, I've had to split it into two blogs! :D We got into San Jose Thursday afternoon and drove to Aunt Kay and Uncle Dave's. It was so neat to see where they live with Poppo ( Aunt Kays dad ). It's in the middle of a bunch of orchards...almond, peach and....lemon maybe? Anyway, it was beautiful, especially as you can see, in the early morning as the sun was coming up. The first day I went outside to join Uncle Dave watching the sun rise over Yosemite (he was afraid he'd woken me, I said "Did you HEAR my mom honking in there????") and it was an awesome sight. Mist on the fields, the sun on the amazing. Later that morning, ma and I got to go on a very special tour of the Hershey Chocolate Factory!! They don't give those tours anymore, so we are VIP's!! It was so, so cool. We got to see syrup being made (Japanese in fact), the miniature chocolate bars line and the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. UP CLOSE!!! Our guide, Jay, took us up to the actual line and we got to see the huge bathtub size vats of peanut butter right under our was so hard not to jump in....and we got to see just how a peanut butter cup is made. :D Very cool. Then we headed to San Fransisco. We drove over the Bay Bridge into downtown, and drove down the Embarcadero...we stopped at the marina to look at the water and check out the was still foggy, so we couldn't see the Golden Gate very well. We did see a seal in the water though! And we could see Alcatraz out in the bay. Then we got in the car and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and Marin County, stopping on the other side for some pics. So beautiful....we ate in Mill Valley,and took some pictures at the Depot where I used to work when E was a baby. Fun to reminisce...then we headed to the BEACH!!! Keep in mind kids, the is the west coast and the water is COLD!!! I got in to my ankles and it was chilly...but a rouge wave came and got me up to my thighs!! Ma got it on film...wet cold denim is not that much fun!! :D But who cares? We're at the beach for gods sakes!! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking the beach, counting jellyfish, watching surfers, and me tickling mom with random stuff to make her crazy. Then we headed back to meet Aunt Kay and Uncle Dave to celebrate her birthday. Much, much fun...Even if mom did bring along her stupid hat!!!! :D (It's alright, we traded wearing it off and on!)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Zoo Trip ;)

Today we went to the zoo for a day of family fun! We had a good time...the boys loved getting to see all the animals. We watched the sea lions do their tricks and get fed, and we let Micah and Clayton take turns "navigating" where we went with the map. ;D We also got to see one of the brand new baby chimps! Clayton really liked the childrens zoo where they could go in and pet and brush the goats and sheep. They had lots of fun, but I think we wore then out by the end of the day!

Ethan's Soccer Game

Saturday Ethan had his first soccer game of the season. He is back with the same team as last spring, the Rockets. Pretty fun stuff.....Aunt B and Granmommy got to be there to cheer him on. At first we thought he was going to have to play in the rain and mud, which he was pretty excited about, but by the time it was time for his game it was just HOT and HUMID!!! He did a great job and is ready for the season...GO ROCKETS!!!!! ;D