Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to Kansas for the weekend...we got to see Gram and Harold for a bit on Saturday. Then on Sunday, Ben, Bird and sweetie Aiden came over and hung out. Aiden was just an onrey little turd and had so much fun teasing me! I would bend down to hold him and he'd run away and giggle!!! Then he'd sneak back, then run away...what a stinker! He is such a cutie. Getting sooo big!!! Monday Grammy and Papa took us to see Shrek 3 and then ride the go-carts. We had to fib about Micahs age a little bit, but he and Clay got to drive kiddie carts all by themselves! It was great. They were so excited. Ethan got to drive an adult cart by himself too, so it was a big day all around!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Haven High Class of '97 10 Year Reunion!!!

This weekend we went to Joshuas 10 year high school reunion! Wow, is he getting old!! :D Saturday afternoon we went to a family get together at the park, everyone took their kiddos and that was fun. It was interesting to watch all the people check each other out, figuring out who was who, who belonged with what, etc. Pretty funny. Then Saturday night, we had a dinner at a local hotel for just the adults! Whoo hoo!! Everyone was a little stiff until the food was served and the alcohol started flowing. :) Then it was fun to let loose and start catching up with old friends. I got to look through some old year books and check out Joshua in high school...what a hottie!! Well, he is now, of course, just a bit older. ;) He was voted "Changed the Most" and I think that was only because he is bald now!! What a goof. Lots of fun....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Claytons Pre-K Graduation

Today was the boys' last day of school. Ethan is now a 5th grader, and Clayton is a kindergartener!! Oh jeez. Ethan had fun playing games in the classroom and hanging out with friends for the last day. Claytons was a bit more emotional. He had a "graduation ceremony" at the Riverwalk this afternoon. It was sooo cute, all his class had cap and gown, and they got to go up on stage and get a "diploma". His teacher, Ms. Bullard couldnt keep the tears away, and neither could I! I was bawling like a baby. One reason, my baby is getting so big, but another is because I have really, really enjoyed Clays teachers this year. Never before have I so enjoyed getting so involved in a classroom. His teachers were amazing, and made it so easy for me to go in and volunteer, and bring Micah along with me. He loved it too! They were so super all year long, and proved to be champs when we had such a hard time with Clay through the seperation anxiety phase earlier this year. We will miss them so much this summer, and pray that Micah will get them for his pre-K class in a year! :D After the ceremony, we went to the FunHouse, an arcade there at the RiverWalk, for pizza and games. Lots and lots of fun! Now we are in Kansas for a weekend of fun! Hope you all have a safe, fun Memorial Day! Love to everyone. :D

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Play Day...

Today Claytons class was supposed to have a water play day, but it rained, so we had to scratch that idea. It did stop pouring long enough for us to take the kiddos outside and play with shaving cream and bubbles. They had tons of fun, Clay and his friend Alex got totally covered...Micah was content to just blow bubbles. One more day and then they are out for the summer! :D

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yeah....I caved...

Well, Saturday afternoon, the big boys needed a haircut and Micah decided that he wanted to get his haircut by daddy too! :D So yes, I caved. It is really short...but it WILL GROW!!! He looks about 10 years old now. But he LOVES it. So fun...he's big like his I'm in denial.... :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ethans Final Soccer Game... :D

Ethan had his final soccer game of the season on Monday night. It was so fun!! He came so close to scoring a goal!!! I thought I was going to pee my pants I was so excited. He has just gotten better and better as the season has gone on, and I think he is really looking forward to the fall season. In the bottom picture, you can see the bandage on his finger...that is from his Cub Scout campout a week ago...Josh called me at 9:30 Saturday night saying Ethan had cut his finger with his knife!! Not the kind of call you want to get!! But he is fine...just learing to be more careful with his knife. :D We are so proud of Ethan and the hard work he's done this season...he's looking forward to school being out so he can swim and have a break!!! GO ROCKETS!!!!

Mothers Day

We had a good Mothers Day...the boys got me a hysterical card that said..."Everything about life I need to know, I learned from you mom..." then inside it says..."except how to fart...that, I learned from Dad!" So true!! Then Ethan drew me a picture of a fart. So sweet. :D They also got me a picture album just of cute pictures of my dudes, so that when I need a pick me up (which is quite frequently lately) I can just open it up and smile at those sweet dudes. What cuties, huh???

DAUGHTRY!!!!! aka....the Rock God :)

Last Friday night Daughtry was in Wichita at the River sweet sister in law was kind enough to come and get me, because as we all know...this mama cant drive. :( So, Chrystal took a day of vacation to make sure I could rock out to my favorite band and scream like a 15 year old girl at the concert. We had soooo much fun...people smashed together, drinkin beer, screamin along with the songs, dancing like we thought we knew was great. Just what I needed after the crappy news of Thursday. Saturday morning we were scratching our bug bites and nursing our sore throats, but it was worth it!!! ;) WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mud Bugs

This week has been rain, rain, rain here in good 'ol Oklahoma, so the dudes went outside last night and played in the puddles! :)