Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chicago Beach Day!!!

When we asked the boys what they were most excited to do in Chicago, their answer was "Legoland and the BEACH!!" All 3 of them agreed!! Amazing!! Thursday we finally were able to hit the beach! It started out cloudy and cold, so we headed to the Hancock Tower, which we hadnt been able to fit in earlier. They thought it was so cool to see all the buildings and the water...and especially the pools on top of the buildings!! After doing that, we headed downstairs for a quick lunch in the courtyard before heading to the beach! When we finally made it there, Clay was the first one in! The other boys soon followed. It was dang cold, but of course, that didnt matter to them!! Josh and Jason were such good daddy and uncle, they were in it with them nearly the whole time. I think they had as much fun as the little dudes! Micahs favorite thing was to be buried, then jump up and run in the water to wash off! Ethan spent a ton of time digging a huge hole that they eventually all ended up helping with! Clayton just loved wandering around, in a out of the water. Betsy and I worked really, really hard on our tans!! :D It was a great day. But every day there was great! We already want to go back!!!!

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