Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th Of July!!!

Independance Day dawned rainy and cool in Lombard Ill!! :D We enjoyed a quiet day hanging out with Betsy and Jason, and also Dad and Connie who'd come thru on a big trip up Michigan! Also, Carina came in from the city to party with us crazy people. We grilled some burgers and hung out, and finally, it cleared off enough for us to go to the fair in Lombard. The boys were estatic! Papa T bought them tickets to ride whatever they wanted, so off we went. There was one ride called Cliff Hanger that everyone (minus Nana and Josh) rode. Laying on your belly, you go on a "flight"! It was pretty darn cool, but it was after that that I found out that I am too old to ride those dang things! About 5 minutes after we "landed", I tossed my burger back up! Ughhh....gross. We watched a few fireworks and headed on home!

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